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Welcome to St. Raphael's Nutrition!
...the Natural Path to Wellness!
We can help you with your nutritional needs!    If you need help with detoxification, we can help!  Need help with choosing healthy cleaning products and building materials for your home?  We can help.  Need coaching on different styles of cooking for different health needs?  Anxiety issues or digestive issues?  We can help.  Call or email today to set up an appointment for an in-person, telephone, or Skype consultation.  864-879-1528 .

Informed Consent Notice:  Welcome. We are proud to be a licensed provider for the international Member Share Network.  Our services are restricted to Network members and if you wish to receive natural health services please register at this LINK. See disclaimer on PMAI information page.  

Disclaimer:Licensed PMA practitioners.

"This Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) practitioner does not practice medicine.  More specifically, this practitioner does not: examine, diagnose, treat, offer to treat, cure, or attempt to cure: any physical or mental disease or disorder, or any physical deformity or injury.  Nor does this practitioner prescribe or recommend any drugs or medicine.”
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