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Welcome. .If you are one of the millions seeking a more natural approach to good physical and mental health you have come to the right place.  We are a licensed provider for the Member share Network, a multi-thousand member assembly of families and professionals that have joined together to share in leading edge natural health care concepts.  Or services are limited to registered members of the network and you must register at  membership is free and is the right choice if you prefer a more natural approach to good health. See our disclaimer at the bottom for more information. 
Pastoral Medical Association - Helping you to achieve wellness God's way!
Services provided to members only.  For free membership, register at
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Disclaimer:Licensed PMA practitioner.
"This Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) practitioner does not practice medicine.  More specifically, this practitioner does not: examine, diagnose, treat, offer to treat, cure, or attempt to cure: any physical or mental disease or disorder, or any physical deformity or injury.  Nor does this practitioner prescribe or recommend any drugs or medicine.” 
Disclaimer:  Kim Capelle is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to provide natural health services to individuals registered in the Member ShareNetwork.  All information on this website is intended solely for registered members of the network and for individuals interested in learning more about natural health services.  If you wish to receive services, member registration is free and may be completed online at  Note that if you have a complaint on our services or wish to check the status of our license you should contact the Pastoral Medical Association.  (
Sirach 38:4  God makes the earth yield healing herbs which the prudent should not neglect.
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