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Love Thyself
Faces of Mercy Webinar
A Voice from the Cry Room
Reversing Muscle Loss
The Cholesterol Chase!


High Tension Lines
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Love Thyself

Question:  Can I, as a Catholic woman, love myself?  Or is it a sin?

Answer:  St. Hildegard von Bingen, German Benedictine Abbess, mystic, author, poet, musician, natural healer,  and recently proclaimed one of the few women doctors of the Church, provides us with this encouraging and affirming answer.  Yes!  

Quoting from SCIVIAS, page 442 in her 8th Vision, Book Three she says, 

“You shall also love yourself.  How?  If you love God, you love your salvation.

Faces of Mercy Webinar

Faces of Mercy Webinar   Join us at the FREE online conference for moms about MERCY on October 20-23, 2016.  It’s the Faces of Mercy CatholicConference4Moms.  

Each day of the conference you will be invited to watch your choice of featured presentations from popular speakers and authors . . . . at any time. . . . on any device. . . . even download and listen to as an MP3.  

Comment, discuss, and pray for our families, our friends, our world, and each other, as we learn about and experience God’s mercy in our lives.

A Voice from the Cry Room

     For years, I have wanted to write this blog, to spread the message of love to those suffering families in the cry room at Church, but I never had time when our children were small.   As the mother of 10 children, who are not and were not always well-behaved, I want to console and to encourage other mothers going through the same challenges.  But, more importantly, I want to encourage the rest of the members of our parishes and congregations to reach out and help!  

Reversing Muscle Loss

Watch this new video by John Capelle, 3rd year MUSC medical student, as he describes how to reverse muscle loss in the aging process.

The Cholesterol Chase!

The Cholesterol Solution
     Cholesterol is a hot topic of discussion in medical circles as well as social circles.  But what is the best way to control cholesterol levels?  Are statins the answer?  Or are there natural ways to bring levels down into acceptable levels?
     Statins, according to Dr. Richard Delany, MD, do not prevent coronary artery disease in 76% of the people using this class of drugs.  Sadly, numerous people are not aware of the side effects of their medicines and do not know that statin drugs put them at risk of gallbladder disease, gastro-intestinal cancers, sudden onset amnesia, and more.

Danger Lurking in Power Lines

     Is danger truly lurking in your lines?  Do you live near high tension lines?  Scientific research sadly says that there is danger in living near high tension lines.  Cancers, childhood leukemia, Alzheimer's Disease, Senile Dementia, depression, anxiety, miscarriage, and sleep disorders have all been linked to living in close proximity to power lines. The disturbance in our own personal electro-magnetic field (EMF) surrounding each of us seems to be the culprit along with its ability to alter our DNA.


     Welcome to St. Raphael's Nutrition, LLC!  It is my desire to help you achieve wellness through natural means.  By education, I hope to help you learn how to live a wellness lifestyle - balancing all parts of your life.  
    To give you a little bit of background about myself, I am a mother of 10 wonderful children and 3 incredible grandchildren.  I am passionate about living my Catholic Christian Faith and about my family.   But I also possess a passion for natural wellness and love helping others through natural means.
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