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Love Thyself

Question:  Can I, as a Catholic woman, love myself?  Or is it a sin?

Answer:  St. Hildegard von Bingen, German Benedictine Abbess, mystic, author, poet, musician, natural healer,  and recently proclaimed one of the few women doctors of the Church, provides us with this encouraging and affirming answer.  Yes!  

Quoting from SCIVIAS, page 442 in her 8th Vision, Book Three she says, 

“You shall also love yourself.  How?  If you love God, you love your salvation.

A Voice from the Cry Room

     For years, I have wanted to write this blog, to spread the message of love to those suffering families in the cry room at Church, but I never had time when our children were small.   As the mother of 10 children, who are not and were not always well-behaved, I want to console and to encourage other mothers going through the same challenges.  But, more importantly, I want to encourage the rest of the members of our parishes and congregations to reach out and help!  
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